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How to Relaunch Content: Refresh Your Blog Articles

content relaunch
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In time, your blog articles may get lost on the internet. Then, you need to give them another chance by relaunching.

This strategy gives you time to rest, think, and develop new content ideas. Besides, you get more conversion from your existing content.

Benefits of Relaunching Your Content

Relaunching your content presents various advantages for brands. That’s why we love including this strategy in content marketing plans.

Content relaunching builds a reliable brand image.

Relaunching your old blog articles enables you to post frequently. You may publish these on the same platform and promote them on various social channels. So, how does it affect your business?

Frequent postings allow your brand to connect with your target audiences more. When customers see your content regularly, they get familiar with you and trust you more. Eventually, this strategy enables you to build an active online presence and establish a reliable brand image.

Content relaunching raises organic traffic.

Content relaunching improves your existing content in terms of SEO qualities. You may add popular keywords and reorganize your content according to the changing interests of the readers aka potential customers.

This improvement of old content allows you to enhance your rankings, thus increasing organic traffic to your sites. Once you appear in the higher positions of certain search engine results, the customers will see you as an expert in the field.

Content relaunching improves sales.

We know that content marketing helps you improve sales. Relaunching existing content as a form of content marketing supports this thesis too. Let’s find out how this works.

As we mentioned above, relaunching old content helps you increase your search engine rankings. Therefore, you can improve organic traffic and online visibility. The higher you rank, the more you get clicks and leads. Then you increase the chances you have to close a sale.

4 Tips to Relaunch Content

Following these easy tips, we listed for you, you can establish a highly promising content relaunching strategy.

First, learn about evergreen content.

The term refers to content that is most relevant and high-quality. These should have been productive in the past and showed value when published. These are the golds in your content mine.

Evergreen content does not lose its significance over time. Potential customers will always appreciate their presence with likes, favorites, and shares.

Use metrics and analytics tools to identify evergreen content.

You cannot remember all the content you have published through time. And you may not have memorized which one of those is the best performed. Therefore, various metrics and analytics tools will help you find the best content to relaunch.

For example, Google Search Console is a free tool that helps track your posts’ performance. Many other free or paid tools can assist you. When determining which content is worth relaunching, you should ask these questions:

  • What is the most clicked article on my website?

  • What is the most shared or liked post on my page?

  • Which of my posts are underperforming?

  • Which articles have lost visibility recently?

You can compare the visitor numbers of an article between different periods to see if they started getting lost.

Once you identify the evergreen content or underperforming content, you are ready to go. These articles need your attention and improvements to boost online traffic.

Improve your blog article accordingly.

Now that you know which content to relaunch, do some research and ask yourself questions such as:

  • Which keywords do people use when searching for a relevant topic in my field?

  • Do any new developments and trends appear lately related to the topic?

Then, blend these popular keywords and trending concepts into your content to improve search engine rankings. This way, you can increase brand awareness and be involved in online conversations.

Pro tip: Adding CTAs (call-to-action) in the post encourages online visitors to contact you. Instead of waiting for your posts to engage audiences, you are proactively leveraging their potential by doing so.

Pro tip 2: Including storytelling techniques in your content attracts customers in an engaging way. People enjoy stories and they are willing to read more flowing texts.

Promote your content on various platforms.

Once you publish the new content, the next step is to promote this for higher engagement. Here, employing diverse content outreach strategies to reach out to the right audiences is essential.

For example, you may share on various social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Another way to promote your content might be through e-mail outreach.

From selecting the evergreen content to updating it, the PUN Content is here to help. If you have further questions, contact us.

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