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How Can Content Marketing Improve Sales?

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

how can content marketing improve sales

According to Hubspot's report, 47% of buyers view three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep. They, especially, prefer to read content that addresses their concerns, solves problems, or gives crucial info. Quality content helps customers to find what they search for without difficulty.

82% of marketers report actively using content marketing in 2021, up 70% from last year, because they are aware of its potential to drive leads, increase sales and brand awareness. Even big-name companies like Apple and Spotify increase their investments for creating content for podcasts and audio platforms.

Brands with valuable and relevant content are the most appealing to those customers who are willing to buy. To increase sales, companies should focus on content marketing.

What is in this article?

Here are the topics we will focus on in this blog:

4 basic reasons why content marketing drives sales

Content marketing and sales are highly related. Why?

Content that catches the attention of your targeted audience is powerful in marketing. Many businesses, therefore, are increasing their budgets for content marketing. This strategy is worth giving a large budget since it will pay off enormously.

If you wonder how to improve sales through content marketing, first explore the 4 basic reasons how content marketing increases sales.

Drives Customers To Website

According to Content Marketing Institute’s 2021 report, 79% of B2B marketers employ a content marketing strategy. In this way, their website becomes more inviting. These companies share their content mostly on social media channels (89%), through email (87%), and on websites/blogs (86%). The result: They get more visitors to their website.

When good quality and appealing content reaches out to the right audience across channels, potential customers can find your website. It boosts leads and sales.

Builds Dialogues

24% of big companies transformed their budget from paid advertising to content marketing in 2021 because it enables customers to learn about your products and services. Helpful content can also answer important questions and inquiries from potential customers.

This way, buyers will notice you when you participate in dialogues they initiated. It will enhance your brand awareness leading to an increase in sales and bookings.

Plays a Reminder Role

Not everyone has the means to buy whenever they want something. They might not have enough money, time, or interest. In some cases, they may have other priorities to care about. If your potential buyers recognize your business but do not purchase some, content marketing can remind them of you again later.

Even if they were not ready to buy earlier, they might be willing to purchase this time. So it is worth a try, right?

Brings Loyal Customers

Good quality and informing content create a sense of trust in your customer. Evidently, 32% of B2B marketers think that their company has built a digital community through content marketing.

Your buyers might be unsure about your services and products at the beginning. The right content strategy makes them believe in you as a reliable brand. Further, they will choose your goods and services over your competitors.

The role of content in the sales funnel

Content creation is part of a strategic plan for generating revenue.

Your content marketing strategy needs to support the user behavior in the sales funnel. Different buyer personas require changing funnels specific to them. These diverse personas complete the purchasing process by following distinct routes.

For example,

  • An email newsletter could spark curiosity in a buyer and inform them of the following steps to take.

  • It might lead the buyer to read more materials such as a blog article.

  • That article encourages customers to share your post to win a promotional giveaway.

This buyer journey continuously motivates them to move to the next level. Each step will contribute to the company and eventually result in a purchase.

Here, the primary purpose is to create engaging content to generate traffic. So, the first step is to create an active online presence. Then, you can increase brand engagement through blog articles, videos, podcasts, email marketing, and infographics.

The content also plays a significant role in persuading potential customers. Therefore, to drive traffic is not enough by itself. You should give them what they need with content.

Content is the bridge connecting a brand with the audience

Content marketing has many advantages for your marketing goals, aside from increasing revenue. For example, good quality and helpful content build an intimate connection between your brand and your audience.

Content connects your brand and customers through these 4 different ways:


Customers can learn about you through your content on their results pages. Moreover, when customers enjoy your content, they are likely to share it with their friends and family. More shares, higher visibility.

Lead generation

Quality content will get your target audience’s attention and show them your value. Therefore, you will have a chance to lead them into your sales funnel.


Encourage customers to comment, like, or share your posts on social media through quality content, promotions, and contests. Content facilitates engagement and helps you keep the dialogue around your brand flowing.

Trust building

Your tone and voice in your content humanize your brand. Once your customer views your brand as a friend who cares about their success and a reliable source of information and assistance, they are more inclined to keep this relationship.

What kind of content improves sales and how to use them?

Content marketing has multiple forms, and brands employ these for different channels and purposes. If your ultimate goal is to boost sales, here are 5 different kinds of content and how to use them to convert visitors to customers.

Case studies

The first step in a case study is to introduce the problems and needs of your client. Then, demonstrate the solutions, strategies, and tactics you employed for their success.

Case studies should be based on facts and provide numerical evidence. They are highly customer-centric and enable your prospective customers to see your work in the best way possible.

Through case studies, you can display your capabilities and emphasize the benefits and strengths of your products/services. Case study examples make customers believe that your brand is valuable and necessary for success.

Client reviews

Client reviews are a specific kind of user-generated content. 72% of marketers state that they build trustful relationships with customers through reviews.

You may request your clients write reviews about your relationship, work, and skills. These reviews give potential customers an idea about how successfully you can handle their problems. In this way, newcomers can learn about your brand from the perspective of existing customers. It has an enormous impact on the future decisions of prospective clients.

Blog articles

Blog articles are great content marketing tools since they are among the most successful drivers of online traffic.

When people have specific concerns and inquiries, they search for them on the Internet. Here, Google offers them a variety of blog articles. While getting answers to their questions, customers also discover brands that provide the solutions. Quality blog articles show customers how their products will help them.

Blog articles can also help you build connections with customers. For example, produce content about some topics which are not directly related to your brand. It will show your customer you care about them.


Customers increasingly prefer eBooks since they are easily accessible, often free, and simple to comprehend. They explain numerous solutions that a client might need. They also reveal your brand personality in great detail.

The usage of eBooks has many advantages for your marketing plan. First of all, they usually require an email to download. So, your business can improve the database for email lists. Secondly, eBooks are great for content repurposing. Content repurposing enables customers to see your content in different ways designed for each platform.

For instance, you created a podcast about your services. By writing an eBook about the podcast, you repurpose that content. This technique applies to every type of content. Be creative.

Social media

Social media is where your brand interacts with customers directly and fast. Some good ways to create intimate relationships with customers on social media can be organizing fun contests and giving promotional gifts. This way, you will build an online community that supports you, talks about you, and buys from you.

Moreover, according to Market Force's report, 81% of online purchasing decisions depend on the social media posts of buyers' friends. Imagine the possible impact of a good social media plan on your sales.

Decide on specific business goals you wish to accomplish. Be careful while choosing the kinds of content to share on different platforms. Every platform has its main demographic and style that you should be aware of.

For example, video is the most preferred style in social media. %80 of marketers declare that videos have direct effects on sales increase. An informative video about your service will get attention and lead customers to the sales funnel.

Webinars and podcasts

Webinars and podcasts are the rising trends in the marketing industry.

Podcasts are often free and commonly available online. So, they are highly in demand by customers. For instance, in the USA 39% of men and 36% of women aged 12 and older listen to podcasts monthly. Through podcasts, brands can reach out to many potential buyers.

They enable businesses to voice their messages clearly and answer questions and inquiries. According to Founder Scale, “interview-styles podcasts paired with LinkedIn outreach can boost your sales engagement by %3066”.

Like in the case of ebooks, you may require email info from customers to join a webinar and connect to them via emails later again. At the end of webinars, you may also promote your products and services. After a good impression of your brand, the chances of sales will be much bigger.

Content marketing is an essential component of every successful marketing strategy. Increasing sales through content, building awareness and trust are only a few benefits of this method.

Now that you know the importance of good content marketing and how to improve sales through different kinds of content, you can get in touch with us for further collaborations.


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