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9 Critical Blogging Statistics 2021 (After Corona)

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

I was curious about the blogging statistics after Covid-19. Do you think there is a hidden corner that’s left unaffected after the pandemic? I really don’t. It seems that the pandemic is leaving a trace in many things. Especially in the digital world.

Blogging statistic to find your own strategy

The world was already getting digitalized super fast. Now, it’s even faster. As a blog writer - mostly - I had to learn the change in the blog readers’ behaviour after Covid-19. So, we can find our own strategy to be better at blogging.

Let's see my selection of crucial ones.

Today, after the covid-19 outbreak, people had more time to spend on their own. There is no doubt that many people who were not used to working from home encountered many new challenges. They maybe didn’t even have time for themselves as many new responsibilities came out at home. However, the blogging statistics show that still many people are reading blog posts.

77% of internet users are many. It means our blog posts are not alone in the depths of the internet. That actually answers the question of “Should we still write blogs?” But, we would like to know more to be convinced, wouldn’t we?

I have to accept that what I see after my blogging statistics research is more than my expectations. I knew it was helpful to have a blog on your website but let’s be honest, 434% is an amazing rate. If you want to be listed higher among the search results, you need to help your target audience grow with your blog.

People are interested in your articles for various reasons. When you find out how you can satisfy their expectation with a blog, your blog will be a great tool in your sales funnel or other purposes.

Here, we have to focus on the word ‘chances’. All blog posts are not providing this chance. You need to create value for the audience (not for yourself directly).

This can be discouraging for many of you. But if you arrived at this sentence in my blog post, it took longer than 37 seconds for you. It means it is possible to create more engaging blog posts to communicate with your audience.

There are people, who find your beautiful post but leave in a short time because they were not looking for this. So, they are not actually your audience - probably and you don’t need to be sad about their saying bye quickly. For sure, we are not a big fan of high bounce rates.

But if people are really looking for something about you and leaving your page before enough engagement, that’s a problem to solve. Learn more about what they want to see. Address them rather than promoting yourself in your blog.

Advertising is a great strategy for companies but people are tired of being exposed to ads. They want to feel that you are giving something to them, not that you are trying to take their money. And really, it should be so. If this article is beneficial for you to improve your blogging strategies, that’s the first goal. Second is your being my customer for writing your blog posts.

A blog is where you create a bond with your target audience. It’s different from direct sales efforts and it’s a great chance for earning loyal customers. With a blog post, you can sincerely introduce yourself to create bonds.

We all care about this. We create and develop our website to have visitors, to convert them in a way. So, anything to increase the number of our visitors is valuable. Getting 55% more visitors is quite impressive, which deserves well-effort.

When they come through a blog post, they already know about your services and are interested in them. You have more chances for conversion. Make sure that your website is trustworthy and explains your company well.

There is a question I hear a lot nowadays: Is blog still important for content marketing. The question has a good reason, which is the rise of videos on digital.

However, when we see these statistics, we clearly see that it is still important. It doesn’t mean to ignore the shift in trends. Here is my advice: Let your blog articles and videos communicate. You can create video versions of your blogs or vice versa. Once you already have content in one format, it’s easier to create the other.

Trends matter in marketing. That’s why your strategy should cover various mediums. Bloggers are using social media to spread the word. There is a high number of social media users, that we cannot not-see.

Let them know about what you post on your blog rather than waiting for people to find it through searching. So you will have more visitors to your post and also your website.

If your target audience is other businesses, probably Instagram is not your first channel to reach them. It might be, but probably not.

Blog posts give information. They share an experience. People find them through real searches. The statistic shows that that’s how we can reach other businesses. Brand awareness is closely attached to be trustworthy and you can build trust by giving valuable information, helping people out of a problem. Then, they will not forget about you.

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