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Content Outreach Strategies For Blog Articles in 2022

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

content outreach strategy

Congratulations on your fantastic blog article. But, if nobody knows about it, what's the point?

There are more than 600 million blogs on the internet. And the number is constantly increasing, which means the competition is getting hotter to reach the target audience with blog content. The research shows that only 1 in 5 bloggers report “strong results.”

The problem is apparent: Bloggers and companies have difficulty reaching out to readers with blog posts. So, there is a growing need to support blog pages to get visitors.

On the other hand, you cannot give up on blogging because having a blog on your website increases your chances of ranking higher in search by 434%.

At this point, the solution is a well-established content outreach strategy. This strategy will shed light on your path to reaching out to potential customers. Voila! More reach, more income.

What is a content outreach strategy?

Content outreach is when you deliver your blog article by sharing, promoting, and spreading across various channels. A content outreach strategy means doing this strategically.

So, with a content outreach strategy, you’ll have a plan to distribute your content to your target audience.

Each article needs a social circle to deliver you the demanded results. A strategic plan can help your content reach a maximum number of readers. It’s the formula to grow your blog.

PS: There are various ways of distribution. However, in any case, quality and hot content is essential. If your content is not getting as popular as you’ve imagined, first inspect your content one more time. Make sure it’s brilliant. Even the best strategy will fail with an unsatisfactory blog article.

Content outreach strategies for more visibility

With the expansion of the digital marketing industry, outreach strategies augmented in 2022. Using these strategies, you will be reaching out to your potential customers.

Let’s explore the various outreach strategies your brand can employ.

Using social media channels effectively

We understand better every day how essential social media is for content marketing. The most effective way to reach large audiences in 2022 (like many previous years) is to master social media.

You need to put social media on top of your content outreach strategy.

In numbers: 93% of marketers agree that social media gives them more exposure, and 88% of them say they have more traffic because of it.

I will confirm this data as it’s quite hard to compete in SEO in a short period. Especially if your field is highly competitive, you will need to work hard and be patient to get organic traffic. Also, success in social media will support your SEO efforts.

In our case, 30% of PUN Content Blog’s visitors find the articles through LinkedIn.

Pro tip: Be consistent while promoting your content on social media channels by yourself or an influential person. Posting continuously on social media accounts allows people to see you more and get to know you. That’s about the algorithms and user behavior.

Direct communication with the customer by email

With client outreach strategies, you may attract new buyers, drive repeated sales, or reconnect with your existing customers. According to HubSpot, 64% of small businesses use email marketing to reach customers.

Email marketing, as one example of client outreach strategies, can be a direct and effective method to get more clicks on your blog article.

This quite practical method

  • allows you to promote your content directly,

  • makes it easier for the customer to get information, and

  • creates bonds with your audience.

A vivid relationship increases your customer retention rates. So, e-mailing your blog posts regularly pays you back twice.

However, email marketing is not only about customers. You can also add a subscription form (like you will see under this post) to your blog pages so that your visitors can get email notifications when you publish new articles. Therefore, you grow your blog’s audience, which means more outreach.

Guest blogging and backlinking

Other blogs with high clicks and reads will have a reliable and loyal audience. That's why having your content on their blog can give you a positive response. In content marketing, we call it guest blogging.

Guest blogging means you write for other blogs as a guest. As you contribute to their blogs, they usually thank you by backlinking. So, they channel relevant traffic to your blog.

The first step to guest posting is finding out blogs targeting the audience interested in your blog article. But, make sure they are not your competitors.

Tip: Create a spreadsheet to list the popular blogs and their contact information. Then you can email them. Use sincere language and be confident when contacting them.

Another way is to work with them for backlinking. The difference is while guest posting, you provide the content. However, while getting a backlink, you’ll pay them to mention you by giving a link to your blog article in their existing content or the content they will create for you. How you will work together is totally up to both sides’ preferences.

We can support you for more visibility on various blogs.

Collaborating with influencers

Content promotion through influencers is very effective. Influencers establish not a seller-buyer relationship but a friendship bond with their followers. That’s how they influence.

In addition, what influencers share is not look like a promotion but a "suggestion". So it is more attractive to promote your content/product through influencers. But the main issue you must pay attention to is promoting your content with an influential person who has a similar audience. This will increase your chances of getting a higher yield.

Again, you can search for influencers suitable for you through sites such as and BuzzSumo and find their contact information. An email containing your purpose and the profit to that person can enable you to cooperate.

How To Develop A Content Outreach Strategy

Every brand desires to reach more audiences. In a world where %77 of internet users read blogs regularly, content is the basis of a brand for marketing strategy.

While so many people are interested in the content, only %55 marketers prioritize creating blog content for their marketing strategy. But, still, as the brands have realized the significance of the content, this rate has been increasing day by day.

This panorama shows us the substantiality of the content outreach. You should extend your brand's valuable, strategic, and substantive content to wider spheres of audiences. This is the face of your brand; this is the word of yours.

On this road, content outreach strategies will help you figure out how to improve and spread your content. Let’s see some of these strategies.

Defining your target audience

Each audience group has a specific need, and reaching them requires a particular strategy. Crucially you should inquire and decide who are the target audiences you aim to reach. Their needs, expectations, emotions, social situations, and daily preferences: all these details feature in your research.

Then you can create your content strategy in the light of this information.

The key points for your brand to build your content outreach are who you target and which kind of content they expect to deliver. This clarification also extracts the styles you should employ in your content and which channels you will apply in this strategy.

The power of “evergreen” content

“Evergreen” content makes your brand fresh, helpful, and always at the forefront.

  • Creating content about the key areas of your brand,

  • highlighting outstanding and distinctive features of it,

  • exhibiting helpful guidelines about your business line, and

  • offering general solution ideas give a high profile of your brand in your area of interest.

This is a chance for you to promote your brand in the most general sense.

Moreover, providing answers to frequently asked questions and content about your audiences’ needs draws your target audiences’ attention to your brand. As a result, there is a huge demand for this kind of content. For instance, the searches show that 76% of bloggers create “how-to” articles.

Evergreen assures audiences that you are dependable, concerned, and aware of the customers’ expectations.

Encourage audiences to share

To develop a content outreach strategy, you should involve your audiences in your plan. People will be willing to spread your content if you have established a strong bond with them. You can encourage them to share your content on their social media accounts.

People count on recommendations that come from their acquaintances. So when your audiences share your content, you will be able to transmit your content to their contacts too. This creates an organic content outreach.

Also, inspiriting people to share your content with the headword of your brand (it may be a hashtag or phrase that presents your campaign or brand) increases your visibility on the internet and helps improve the SEO of your brand. Herewith, incorporating with your audiences enables you to reach more customers and raise interest in your brand.

A clear goal

Defining your brand's exact and clear purpose is crucial for content outreach. For example, maybe you aim for higher market popularity or want to promote your product. Or perhaps you just intend to raise your brand’s visibility on social media.

Yet, you need to decide on a particular content outreach strategy compatible with your purpose.

A clear goal enables you to interpret your outcomes and measure which point you are at in terms of your goals. You can assess the evaluation of your content outreach plan by checking your initial purpose in consideration of statistics, incomes, sales rate, reviews, visibility, and anything related to your plan.

Strong stories

Storytelling is an essential part of content outreach strategy. Customers do not only follow their minds but also listen to their emotions. If you present the story behind your brand or a specific issue about your brand, it will be easier for the audience to establish a connection with your brand. Telling stories and reaching audiences’ emotions is the key to content outreach.

Feeling shared emotions arouses attention and creates a sense of a common ground for your target audiences. You can create content involving personal stories from your brand, interviews of your employees, or comments from customers who promote you.

This will come up with a strong identification of audiences with your brand and helps you to lead your content to wider spheres.

To sum up…

The common point of these strategies is sharing. The more you connect with people, the more your content will be visible and promoted. The strategies such as

  • using the power of emotional bonds,

  • building trust,

  • clearly defined targets,

  • creating evergreen content, and

  • motivating your audiences to act with you support you to a content outreach plan.

A properly planned and applied content outreach strategy is an effective way to make your brand reach wider audiences. Determining your target audience, producing content accordingly, reaching the channel/person suitable for the content or small touches will enable you to develop and progress.

Contact us to create your content outreach strategy together. As a content outreach agency, we can help you with social media management, guest posting, e-mailing, creating content for customer services, and more.

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