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Guide To Sustainable Marketing [A New Trend]

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

sustainable marketing
Photo by Alena Koval from Pexels

Earth is asking for more attention and people hear the call. We are happy to learn that sustainability is getting more and more important among people. It’s not our guess; Google says that “shoppers searched for ways to go green” in 2021.

Here are the consumer trends based on Google searches:

  • 30% YoY increase in searches for sustainability,

  • 30% YoY increase in searches for the environment among shoppers.

Moreover, the report shows:

  • 30% YoY increase in searches for charity shops,

  • 40% YoY increase in searches for equality among community members.

There is no way to get away with these numbers. Brands should pay attention to the sustainability and environmental impact of their production. Here, sustainable marketing comes into play.

In this blog, you will find:

  • What is sustainable marketing?

  • How does sustainable marketing improve your business?

  • How to implement sustainability in your marketing efforts

What is sustainable marketing?

Many people refer to sustainable marketing as the marketing efforts towards promoting eco-friendly or green products. However, that’s not all.

Sustainable marketing can also refer to the marketing strategies that focus on the well-being of future generations, aiming to leave a better planet to newcomers. Indeed, we all assume that profit is what all businesses think about, yet sustainable marketers act differently.

Let's introduce you to the key points of sustainable marketing to understand the term better.

Sustainable marketing requires marketers to:

  • always think of what customers expect and want,

  • increase the value of your product/service continuously,

  • be creative and innovative in terms of your services and marketing,

  • identify a purpose for your brand, customer, and society,

  • find a balance between customer expectation, society’s long-term well-being, and business goals.

How does sustainable marketing improve your business?

Sustainable marketing impacts almost every aspect of running a business. This concept motivates consumers, investors, and employees to prioritize the brand in the decision-making process.

Let’s explore the advantages of obtaining sustainability marketing strategies in detail.

  • Consumers: Sustainable policies might help businesses build a positive brand reputation. Therefore, brands can retain loyal customers.

  • Investors: Shareholders and stakeholders increasingly want to invest in sustainable businesses.

  • Employees: Businesses that care and encourage sustainability to retain more loyal and productive employees.

sustainability in content marketing
Photo by ready made from Pexels

How to implement sustainability in your marketing efforts

Customers nowadays are becoming increasingly mindful of the effects of their consumption on the environment and climate. Therefore, many consumers search for a focus on sustainability in brands' marketing efforts.

Implementing sustainability in marketing efforts is more than creating a social media post. You need to build your marketing strategy around it.

Here, we've compiled a list of 5 ways to incorporate sustainability into your marketing strategies.

Embrace sustainability

Sustainable marketing begins with embracing the idea. Then, you should incorporate this concept into every part of your business.

These three core actions lie at the heart of this method: research, practice, and reclaim. That means all through the processes of operation, production, packaging, and advertising, you should prioritize sustainability.

Green Products

First thing’s first. Your products and services need to be sustainable. These are the first things at which a customer looks. However, producing green products is not enough for sustainable marketing. Or else, you might end up being called a green-washer.

Community building

Building communities is essential in this marketing strategy. To form a community, businesses interact with local events and cooperations.

Press releases and effective social media management are also good strategies to spread your purposes and ideals. That can increase your followers on social media, subscribers on mailing lists, and eventually potential customers.


Storytelling is an indispensable element of sustainable marketing. Many sustainable brands utilize stories on their websites, post videos on social media, and promote eco-conscious events to get their brand story seen. Incorporating a story enables your brand to become relatable and easy to comprehend.

Educating customers

In addition to promoting a green product, you should educate your followers on how products harm the environment when they are not sustainable.

That will show your products' value and inform the customers of ecological consequences. For that, explain what raw material and technique you used, how effective it was, and how your product or service is cleaner than others. No doubt that this part will vary according to your industry; however, all products and services can be green as everything we do on earth has an impact on our Earth.

Key Takeaways

If many companies embrace sustainable marketing, they might drastically lower global emissions. We need and deserve healthier lives and greener environments. Moreover, our children need that too.

Remember these key takeaways while implementing sustainability in your marketing efforts.

  • Be responsible for what you do and how you do your business.

  • Be transparent about the ongoing principles of your business.

  • Be sure that your product or service is of good quality as well as sustainable.

  • Be informative about sustainability to educate your customers.

  • Be the pioneer in your industry to promote sustainable marketing.

  • Be encouraging to build communities around common environmental goals.

Sustainable marketing is becoming common among many businesses and consumers. There are various ways to implement sustainability in your marketing efforts. This way, you can achieve a good reputation, retain loyal customers, and increase your sales.

Most importantly, you can create a healthier and greener world for future generations.

Content marketing agencies for sustainable marketing

As PUN Content, our team has a mindset that cares about the environment not only for the sake of the global crisis but also as we know nature is all we have. All lives are strongly connected with nature because we are part of it. That’s why we always pay attention to creating a better world even with marketing efforts.

We care about digging into the topic we create content about to find out knowledge to increase awareness about sustainability. If you are looking for a partner to help you spread the word with sustainable marketing, just say hi.

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