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Google's "Useful Content" Move, and more

useful content update

Today, content production is one of the most crucial marketing activities that allows your brand, services, and products to connect with people.

Staying updated on innovations and developments in this field enables both content writers and content service companies to tackle more successful projects.

Google's "useful content" move

Last week, Google introduced an update aimed at making it easier for people to access valuable content. Accordingly, useful and original content will now receive higher rankings in search results.

While Google enhances accessibility to valuable content, it also seeks to ensure that authors creating original content receive the appropriate recognition and value for their work.

Hubspot: What is SEO?

HubSpot has shared a blog post that will dispel any uncertainties about what SEO is and what it isn't. In the article, they emphasize that the SEO practices of the past no longer align with today's standards and assert that SEO needs to be redefined in light of recent developments.

Furthermore, HubSpot offers a free SEO course to help you enhance your SEO strategy. Their free online SEO training can guide you.

Grammarly, one of the useful content tools

Grammarly has become one of the most frequently used tools for individuals who need to write English texts for assignments, presentations, content creation, and more. This application, available as a Chrome extension too, enables you to correct your English grammar mistakes.

One of the application's standout features is the ability to specify your target audience and the language you intend to use. By doing so, it suggests words that best align with your purpose, allowing you to craft your text as you desire. Furthermore, you can seamlessly integrate Grammarly with Google Docs.

The application also offers a paid version. If you seek more detailed corrections and suggestions, Grammarly can be purchased. It's worth noting that Grammarly does not provide a free trial. As Grammarly Premium users, we recommend allocating a budget if you frequently process a substantial amount of text.

The benefits of a good user experience in content marketing from PUN Content

In marketing, various techniques are frequently discussed, but ultimately, what truly matters is how the users feel. The key to fostering a positive user experience lies in the production of original, high-quality content within your content marketing strategy.

When users are satisfied with the service you provide and have a positive experience, it fosters a strong connection between your brand and your audience.

PUN Content has outlined the advantages of delivering a positive user experience through your content, as follows:

  • High-quality content encourages users to spend more time on your website.

  • Well-designed content increases customer loyalty. It makes you preferable.

  • Quality content not only increases customer satisfaction but also elevates your brand's value.

  • Original content contributes to improved SEO rankings, as we mentioned in the newsletter's introduction – Google continues to prioritize this aspect in its updates.

  • Exceptional content supports healthy customer communication, setting you apart from the competition.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information about our services!

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