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Content Marketing: What to Expect in 2024

content marketing 2024

Recently, we came across an interview with Cumhuriyet by İbrahim Akşen, the Founder of the organic growth agency ROIBLE.

The news mentioned that in research conducted by Deloitte, 45% of companies reduced their marketing budgets last year due to global inflationary pressures.

Akşen emphasizes that services such as SEO, content marketing, and online reputation management will come to the fore in 2024 due to increasing advertising costs.

While the importance of content marketing is increasing, it has become very important to examine reports about the trends and strategies expected in 2024 and be prepared.

We reviewed the Semrush 2024 Social Media Trends Report for you and researched what awaits us in the new year. Let's look at the details.

Semrush 2024 Insights: 2024 Social Media Trends Report

The report opens with an emphasis on originality. Authenticity is fundamental to shaping audience perception and plays an important role in achieving long-term success on social media.

In this context, originality means

  • Sharing real stories,

  • Participating in meaningful conversations,

  • Showcasing the human side of your brand.

These steps allow you to establish a solid emotional connection with your followers. This way, it facilitates increased engagement, brand advocacy, and business growth.

Embrace transparency and honesty to succeed in content marketing in 2024

Annie-Mai Hodge, Founder of Girl Power Marketing, says:

Brands will focus on more natural/UGC style campaigns, de-influencing, and authenticity in 2024.”

Customers no longer want a brand to explain what it does; they want other customers to talk.

Social media audiences will start listening to real people.

Lucas O'Keefe, Content Creator and Social Media Strategist explains his expectations for 2024:

Brands will see the value in sharing UGC as a cost-effective way to reach content that appears more authentic than high-production content. Customers trust other customers more than the brand itself.” 

Do you remember our newsletter last year where we talked about de-influencing?

Sincerity stands out

For 2024 the Semrush team envisions businesses producing content that

  • Really resonates with its target audience,

  • is inspiring real interactions,

  • Fosters a loyal community of brand advocates.

This year, brands should prioritize building genuine connections with followers over relying solely on high-follower influencers for promotions.

🚨LinkedIn has begun to increasingly focus on storytelling and UGC from industry-focused and professional content.

The year 2024 looks bright for those who prioritize connection and community.

Generative AI and expectations in the new year

With every technological advancement, fears always arise,” says the Semrush team. We experienced this again in 2023, right?

According to Semrush, AI has arrived to help and support marketers in optimizing their workloads- not to replace them.

By combining their strengths with AI, marketers can increase their productivity, creativity, and overall marketing effectiveness.

Generative AI will continue to be effective in 2024.

  • Marketers will get better at harnessing its power.

  • Platforms will leverage AI features to focus on utility and innovation.

  • We will move from a period of testing to a period of integration and adoption.

But the future of AI is not free of concerns. Risks and problems are expected to increase in the following areas:

  • Copyright infringement

  • AI-based fraud

  • Misinformation

Prominent Platforms of 2024

According to the Semrush report, TikTok and LinkedIn will dominate the social media landscape in 2024, thanks to their engagement capacity and evolving capabilities.

The rise of Threads, powered by its parent company Meta, could change the current social media landscape.

Now let's focus specifically on the LinkedIn part.

LinkedIn's leadership in B2B relationships

LinkedIn's user base has expanded. With the participation of millions of professionals from different industries, it has become an invaluable resource for building and developing B2B relationships.

LinkedIn's commitment to continuous innovation is a critical factor in its success. They are constantly introducing new features and functionality.

According to the report, LinkedIn has recently moved towards content with more intimate storytelling, including "hero" stories that users can relate to.

Semrush highlights a growing trend for company CEOs to publish content from their LinkedIn profiles. Seeing this need, we focused on our personal account management service on LinkedIn in 2023.

Write to us about your needs.

🚨2024 will be a year when B2B companies come to the fore in social media communication through CEOs and C-levels.

🚨In line with the target audience's demand to humanize the brand, their profiles will overshadow the company profiles.

🚨Companies will encourage CEOs to have a presence on the platform to create more direct interaction between senior executives and potential business partners or customers.

Now that we've reviewed the trends, you have tips to pay attention to to stand out in 2024. ✨

Remember that content marketing, social media, customer habits, and trends are always in flux. Stay updated by following the latest developments.

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